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Subject: As jagged as can be
Author: bk
Date: 06/02/2005 18:15
Put some 80 JPEGs totalling around 4MB in your 
site. Put the URLs in a text file, which you then
use as HTTrack's URL list. 

Watch the download progess bars of HTTrack's GUI and,
in particular, the "Links scanned" and "Files written".
Yuk. Not a pretty sight. You get things like

Links scanned: 0/77
Files written: 73

and, also, progress bars that make quantum jumps form 0% 
to 80%. Quite unpleasant. I've reported this, but it 
seems no action has apparently been taken. Refer to


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As jagged as can be

06/02/2005 18:15
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