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Subject: Browsing an offline Zip archive
Author: y0011482
Date: 06/05/2005 16:52

I've several zip archives containing some hundret to thousands of quite small
html files. How can I browse those files with my Internet Explorer without
decompressing them first.

Especially I need the functionality, that I click a certain link and Internet
Explorer asks for decompressing only that clicked file at a time.

I think there should be some software, that emulates a proxy for a special
website hosted within a zip archive on the local computer. Can someone
recommend a program?
Another idea would be, to offer the user a new driveletter or a new directory
by a specail driver interpreting the archive structure. Then any program
capable of reading file can read from a zip archive, not knowing that the
source is compressed on the hard drive.

Next I sometimes use the "grep" command, to recursively search within
directories for text or html files containing a certain regular expression.
Actually I could also do without the regular expressions, but I don't want to
keep the decompressed archive in the temp directory just for search purpose.

What I need is a program, that will decompress those files to RAM one by one,
search for the expression and offer me a clickable list of links to files
within the archive, that had a match.

It would be extremely useful, if those tools would interoperate, so that I can
continue browsing from the searchresult.

1. Zip and other compressions perform extremely good on unformated text
2. Small text files always take at least one block of the filesystem, thereby
wasting more space on the harddrive.
3. The overhead for decompressing a small file in the light of todays
computing power is insignificant for browsing. And I consider it tolerable for
searching through the whole archive. It's a trade off, between the time it
takes to read 1000 small files from the filesystem, opening and closing each
compared to the time for decompressing the whole archive into RAM (not to

I really appreciate any tools you recommend. Hopefully you can save me from
coding my own tools as I really got tired of searching for this


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