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Subject: Re: Overwriting updated files: exception list?
Author: Juan Fco Rodriguez
Date: 06/09/2005 18:39
> How about having a list of file extensions (for e.g. pictures) and options to
append 001 to the old file's name so the file doesn't get overwritten when
it's updated?> Many hosting sites like to replace images with dummy "bandwidth
exceeded" images that have the same file name but contain garbage data. It
sucks to run httrack on a site and blow away all your archived images because
the host decided to replace the images with garbage instead of returning a 403

I didn't know of the existence of such an evil sites...

I think this is a general question regarding how HTTrack
should manage updates...I would prefer an option to tell
HTTrack to not overwrite any updated file, in order to
be able to post-process the content of the old/new files.
This is better than dowloading the site twice and making
diffs to discover the changes...and most important, we
save disk space (untouched files wound't be replicated).

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Overwriting updated files: exception list?

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Re: Overwriting updated files: exception list?

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