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Subject: Re: https/SSL and username/password
Author: Juan Fco Rodriguez
Date: 06/09/2005 18:44
> > I use HTTrack 3.33 under Windows and would like to download a
username/password protected page over https/SSL. How should the link look
like?> > 
> > Are username/password always encoded in the URL?> > 
> > <>
> It depends on the authentication method.  You would put the user/pass in the
URL if the site used HTTP authentication, I believe (usually looks like a
little pop-up dialog with input boxes).
> If it's a user/pass form on the webpage itself then you'll probably have to
try another capture method.

The latter can be done with "--catchurl" option, which creates a temporary
proxy to capture the username/passwd values. That's what I understand reading
the manual page, because I haven't tested it myself.

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