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Subject: Re: Problematic site
Author: Juan Fco Rodriguez
Date: 06/20/2005 11:46
> Hello,
> I'm experiencing problems with updates when I execute
> httrack with the following command line options:
> httrack -iC2 -q -k -%s -%u -%k -v -%v0 -u1 -o0 -X0 -%p -I0 -a -%P -c4 -%c10
-N %h%p/%n.%t%k -R2 -T20 -M3221225472 -r8 -A100000000 <>
> The first time, it downloads a lot of PDFs documents under
> when I try to update the site,
> it doesn't download them and there is no trace of them on
> the new.txt file.
> I've been digging the site, and there is implemented some kind of
"antileech" mechanisms. It is necessary to follow
> two 302 redirects and afterwards using a HEAD request to
> be able to download the PDFs...(Im not sure of this,
> I've found it out after a lot of tests with -%H option
> enabled)
> The saddest thing of all this is that if I execute
> httrack -iC2 <>, it seems to work perfectly !?> 
> What am I doing wrong ? I think there is some kind of
> bug on the way 302 messages are handled by the HTTrack's
> cache or something similar....please help me, Im desperate! :)

Has anybody look at this ? sigh*...
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