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Subject: Javascript Links
Author: Julien
Date: 06/23/2005 16:58
I just found HTTrack and it is a really great problem

but i have a big problem to use it to mirror a site

All the links on my site use a javascript function like this one :

<script language="JavaScript">
function ChargerDoc(s, catid)
        window.parent.gauche.location =
        window.parent.droite.location =

and my links are made like that :
<a href="#" onClick="ChargerDoc('HGDS0JUD70', '532');" class=txt1>Text</a>

Is it possible to spider websites with these sorts of links because i tried a
lot of spider softs but no one made it correctly

Thanks in advance for your answer



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06/23/2005 16:58
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