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Subject: Re: HTTRack = Teleport Pro?
Author: Dan_A
Date: 06/28/2005 19:23
Having used both, I would suggest that HTTracker is not a ripoff of Teleport. 
When I used Teleport it had pitiful if any javascript support, while
HTTracker, though it says it does not support javascript, tends to do a much
better job (but don't expect to get rollover graphics).  I also use HTTracker
on both Windows and Unix platforms, GUI and command line, while Teleport only
worked on Windows (maybe it has improved, but I doubt it).  Support for
HTTracker is also much better (in this forum) than the support I received
while I used Teleport Pro.

And while HTTracker seems to work much better, Teleport Pro cost US$40 or
US$50; HTTracker is free under the GPL.

I suspect that you mirrored a mirror - the original mirror having been run
with Teleport Pro - and HTTracker simply did its job and mirrored the "end of
mirror" page provided by Teleport Pro.
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