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Subject: Downloading a entired site
Author: William Oquendo
Date: 06/30/2005 00:11
Hi. I am trying to download the site
with any recursive depth and follow all links (obviously with a limit size:
500Mb) to make an informative-offline CD of the course. But some pages have
java applets and httrack does not download all .class files, only a part, even
with +* as an option. Also i have problems with the flash, but it is not
important. The following is an example of the command i used:
$  httrack <>
+* -r10 -P -r10 -%e5 -M500000000
-%P -n -j -s0 -*p3 -e
I saw than -s0 makes some problems on sites with no robots rules.Can anyone
help me? Thanks in advance. 

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Downloading a entired site

06/30/2005 00:11
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