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Subject: ??
Author: Matthew
Date: 07/03/2005 08:05
I am looking for assistance with getting the correct settings with this program
so that I can use it to backup my profile(which requires logging
in with a user name/password), the profiles of all those on my friends list on
MySpace, including the additional "more photos" page that is linked off of
their main profile page so I can also backup their additional posted pictures
from their online album. If possible, i'd also like to get a offline copy of
the "view all my friends" page which lists a set number of friends per page
with their user name and their main profile photo as a thumnail image. I'm
trying to get these so I can download them all together in one project so that
I can browse to or from any of these pages while offline just as if I were
browsing them online. However, the settings are confusing to me for getting
this accomplished. For example, the "view all my friends" pages with the
thumbnail graphics and member names listed, there are 22 pages of thumnails so
far for me, but I can't exactly set the program to mirror 22 links into the
site or i'll end up with over half of MySpace as something the program thinks
I want to back up for offline viewing. Any help here would be appreciated.

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