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Subject: Httrack 3.33 pausing during download...
Author: aram12
Date: 07/06/2005 01:33
I have this strange thing going on...when d'ling a site, after a few seconds or
minutes, seemingly at random my download will "pause" indefinitely.  I say
"pause" in quotes as there is nothing to indicate that the program itself has
paused, it doesn't lock up or anything...the connections just hang.  But
here's the funny thing.  If I activate any OTHER internet transfer, httrack
kicks back into for example...httrack "pauses"...I open up my
browser, BAM, back d'ling.  Browser stops loading its page, a few seconds
later httrack pauses again.  Click refresh on browser, BAM, httrack starts up
again.  This works with any program...e-mail client, browser, bittorent,
etc...if fact what I'm doing now as a quick fix is to make sure I'm always
d'ling something with bittorrent, that way httrack will continue to
operate...what's going on?  This can't be right...

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Httrack 3.33 pausing during download...

07/06/2005 01:33


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