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Subject: Obscure Bug in WinHTTrack
Author: Chris
Date: 07/08/2005 13:32
It occurs if you switch on an external USB hard drive while using WinHTTrack to
download a website. Windows decides to check the files on the drive so it can
display that idiotic dialog box that asks you what you want to do with certain
files it found (eg play video files). I cancel the search (large drive), but
up pops a Windows Explorer window listing the drive. This is when the bug
occurs. If I try and close that window, the window does not close...because
when I switch to WinHTTrack, I can see that the 'file download information'
window (that you normally get when you click on one of the threads under the
'action' checkbox), has popped up. And nothing I can do will close it - it
will stay open as long as that Windows Explorer window is open. And I can't
close it because everytime I try, Windows switches to WinHTTrack and displays
the 'file download information' window. My only hope is to wait until
WinHTTrack finishes the download. I can then exit the project and finally
close that damn Windows Explorer window.

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Obscure Bug in WinHTTrack

07/08/2005 13:32
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