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Subject: Re: Lost initial whtt file
Author: Leto
Date: 07/12/2005 07:30
> I had a hard drive crash and lost quite a bit of data. I recovered some of
it using a software recovery program. Some of my WHTTrack projects came back,
but many of the files are corrupt. Also, the intitial file with "name.whtt"
are missing. I  can't run the program to replace the corrupted files because
the initial one is missing. Trying to start it by pointing to the main file
does not work either. 

The project won't run if the "winprofile.ini" file is missing from the
"hts-cache" folder.

If you want a new whtt file just make a new text document (don't put any text
in it) at the same location as your project folder and name it "project
name.whtt" (replace "project name" with the proper name, of course).  Then
just double click it and see if WinHTTrack will run it.
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