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Subject: Re-hosting mirrored sites
Author: Loren Gordon
Date: 07/13/2005 22:01
I'm using HTTrack to mirror a few web sites so that I can rehost them on a
closed LAN.  I'm using IIS as the web server.  The one thing I can't seem to
get working is to configure IIS to allow periods that are not part of the
extension in the URL.  Has anyone else run into this?
For example, I tell HTTrack to mirror and within a
single project.  HTTrack nicely retrieves the web sites and creates an index
page that I use when rehosting the sites.  Unfortunately, the sites are saved
into the directories and, so when I browse to them on
the local machine, the address looks like this:


IIS barfs all over this.  It initially said, "The page cannot be displayed",
and "HTTP 403.1 Forbidden: Execute Access Forbidden".  So I granted Execute
privileges within the Virtual Directory properties, and now it just says "The
page cannot be found", "HTTP 404 - File not found".

If I change the periods to underscores and edit the index.html accordingly, it
works perfectly.

I've tried changing the Build Options in HTTrack so the site name is not
included, but then the index page doesn't always display the name of the site,
so I'm trying to avoid that and figure out how to get IIS to do what I want.

Any ideas?

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