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Subject: Continue interupted download reads all files 1st
Author: Gerard
Date: 07/24/2005 11:56
Hi Folks,

This is a great program, congratulations Xavier.

I found that when starting an interrupted download the program reads all the
URLs again from the web site. It does that for small and big sites, so now
imagine that i have a big forum site that contains over 200,000 pages and If I
stop the program, next time will read them all until the place I stop and then
continue download from there.

Is there any solution, as the last 2 days i was using this program to make a
back up of my site and today I stoped so I could use the net for something
else, when I started again thinking it will re-start from page 160,000, it
didn't, it started from the 1st and then started download from the 160,001
page. Anoing as  it takes a long time to read all those files again.

thanks Gerard

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Continue interupted download reads all files 1st

07/24/2005 11:56


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