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Subject: GUI improvement request
Author: adem
Date: 07/24/2005 17:19

First, thank you for such an excellent tool; it is great.

And, now the 'but' bit :-)

Could you make the Frame under the Actions checkbox auto-resizable (i.e. it
resizes with the main form) 
so that I can see the whole text of the link. This
is particularly important when the Action displays
'error' but I can not tell what link it is since the 
link text is too long.

Could you make the link text in those lines copyable
(i.e. read-only text, instead of caption) so that
I can copy paste that link --again, this is needed
when the action displays 'error'.

Could you also not show any Skip buttons when there 
are no corresponding active links (i.e. when the line 
left of the Skip button is blank)

Finally, it would be great if I could construct
a word list after the site has been mirrored (this
way I can eliminate some pages whose contents I do not
wish to show up in words list).

Thank you again.

BTW, I am using 'WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.40-alpha-4 (+swf)' on Win2K3

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