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Subject: "Travel Mode" options not behaving as expected
Author: WUser
Date: 07/27/2005 10:16
Platform: version 3.33 on W2000SP4.

Let's say I have a directory in the format
<>. I give this address to HTTrack in
this exact format with the default "Can go down" option (& stay on the same
site) selected, expecting to find <> and
sub-directories (such as <>,
<>, etc.) mirrored. They are. 

However... I'll also find that
etc. mirrored to some extent.

Any way to I prevent that? Or is that a feature?This is really getting on my
nerves when "coolstuff" & its subdirs contain some 10MB data and "boringstuff"
contains hundreds of megs... :(

FYI, I have already used search and there was a previous thread where they
suggested disabling the default filters. I had already done that.

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"Travel Mode" options not behaving as expected

07/27/2005 10:16


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