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Subject: Re: .delayed
Author: omega
Date: 07/27/2005 14:27
I recieved the .delayed thing tonight. It was during use of v3.34alpha4. 

The sequence of events. I changed a project's naming build string (from
web/images to custom something like %t/%n%[id::::].%t). Then I ran the project
as "continue interrupted download." Httrack (alpha ver), it recreated only a
fraction of the files correctly, then dumped the bulk of them into some dead
folder, all with that .delayed extension. Then it decided it was finished,
leaving them that way. Also leaving me with a that was shrunk from
~10mb to ~500k.

I restored the whole folder from back-up. Then this time I relaunched the
project using the current release version (3.33). I did the exact same steps
as right before, and it worked flawlessly. Thus I have to conclude it's an
alpha something type of situation.

As to the URL of the project in question (I saw Xavier asked you for an
example site where the behavior arose), this paricular one for me is about the
last one I'd want to hand over for any kind of experimentation. This project
was in itself terribly unweildly terrrain. (Problems include:  php session id
strings; filetype confusios; some session login error pages that persist
despite the gazillion killfilters I constructedfor it; dynamic pages that
always pretend they're new, including the binaries, etc.) So it's with such
forewarning that I disclose this URL.

Hope that a better sample project will come along instead, for the deal with
the .delayed files. By the way, this was the first time I'd witnessed a
project end with that result. I haven't been using the alpha version too
often. (I mainly pulled it out for the Wiki project above, when I was having
filetype recognition problems, and it seemed to give superior results for that

Ah, on different subject... Just wanted to note that the build string thing,
to try to get filenames constructed from their query strings, that's really
cool. I read about it on this board tonight, and was trying it out. Very
pleased to have learned about this choice.

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