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Subject: small request in the WinHttrack GUI
Author: omega
Date: 07/28/2005 12:24
In a future build of WinHttrack, I'd be grateful for a removal of the
confirmation-nag from the "pause download" dialog.


The pause command needs no nag, as it is not something that is accidently
clicked. (One has to dig around and reach up for it from a menu). 

Nor is something that needs confirmation because of involving serious action
(In contrast to sw confirmation dialogs for delete & removal actions; or in
contrast to an action such WinHttrack full stop & close of a downloading
project mid-way.)


I use the pause feauture constantly, having a thin thread of bandwidth, where
sometimes my active task needs full resource -- then toggling back to have my
Httrack instances download when processes such as web-browsing are idle. 

I have never gotten used to the nag on the pause, it is always unnatural and
unexpected. I expect to tap it and then task-switch back to something else
directly. In fact, often I'll find that when I thought I had paused
Winhttrack, and then return to it as active window, I find that little nag
dialog sitting there, pointless waiting for the confirm.

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07/28/2005 12:24
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