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Subject: Re: Cannot download a specific site
Author: omega
Date: 07/28/2005 16:33
I don't have the answer for accomplishing a successful Httrack download of this
project. Instead I post with initial simple starter observations, in case
anyone has the ability and interest to resolve further.

The initial URL is for a frameset.


The main menu frame, cadreG.htm, it is a totally JS dependent thing. 

That menu/site does seem to function in a JS-enabled browser. However, there
is a problem with Httrack interpreting this particular .js, with the
interpretation of the paths. Httrack is seeing the pointers as going to a
higher level than where the files actually are. 

On the web, links from that main page lead to files at the same level:

from:        <>
sample link: <>

JS file in charge of the links:

When Httrack tackles this, it is looking for the linked files (eg
settings.htm) at one level higher, where they do not exist. Seeking eg

I don't do (read/write) javascript (other than constantly working to avoid it
whenever possible) -- so I'm not qualified to pinpoint the problem in this
particular .js + frameset combo (two sins multiplied against each other). 

Just all I can say is that it appears to me that, for whatever reason: the
browser is moving to parent directory (../) from the location of the .js file
-- whereas Httrack is moving to parent directory of the calling htm file. The
latter interpretation results in pursuit of files at the wrong location.

What can you do about it, in order to hack in a successful retrieval? Sorry,
but for that, I can come up with no tricks.

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