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Subject: error "Unknown response structure" (-1)
Author: leo
Date: 03/13/2001 13:25
I just upgraded to version 3 of this great product 
Winhttrack. On a particular website (the alpine 
archive), I has some problem receiving a few of the 
pages. i experimented with a lot of the parameters, 
but am not able to solve it. You can reproduce the 
error by using, as a start page:


(the complete site is at 

The debug log states:
13:23:19 Debug:  Record: -&gt; C:/My Web 
13:23:19 Debug:  relative link at 
build with C:/My Web 
and primary.html: C:/My Web 
13:23:19 Debug:  OK, NOTE: -&gt; C:/My Web 
13:23:19 Debug:  Wait get:

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error "Unknown response structure" (-1)

03/13/2001 13:25
Re: error : bogus server/cgi

03/15/2001 16:44


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