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Subject: ISO9960 filenames = DOS (8+3) filenames
Author: JCdvo
Date: 08/02/2005 13:57
Im using ver 3.33(+swf)

First of all, Thanks for making this program, I'm a regular user of this
program, not very user friendly but it gets the job done. -_^

Anyway, here's my problem I have option ISO9660 names enabled and DOS names
unchecked, but looking onto the saved folder. All the filenames are
capitalized and truncated into 8 characters. I think ISO9660 allows for 32
chararcters. I just wish the filenames can be just longer. An suggestions or

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ISO9960 filenames = DOS (8+3) filenames

08/02/2005 13:57
Re: ISO9960 filenames = DOS (8+3) filenames

08/11/2005 08:32


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