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Subject: Capturing search pages...
Author: James Martin
Date: 08/05/2005 20:52
I've got a big web app that I'd like to have static version of for demo
purposes.  I've been playing around with the wonderful tool but I want to be
sure something is impossible before I give up on it.  My web app has many
'search' pages.  Pages were you select from dropdowns and type in fields and
then search.  The data is retrieved from a database.  Is HTTrack, or anything
for that matter, able to capture the functionality of this type of page?
My understanding is that it crawls for links and captures all the pages
linked.  But with something as free as a search page I think it would
impossible to capture it's functionality.  It would be like trying to capture

Am I correct in assuming what I want to do is impossible?

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Capturing search pages...

08/05/2005 20:52
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