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Subject: Re: problem with links help is quickly needed
Author: Anatoli
Date: 08/12/2005 10:41
Thanks for your answer! The whole site is very big - there are estimated more
then 300.000 pages. These links look so weird because they are generated in
this way to make sure there are enough different for so many pages. But for
the most pages - just except these enumerations like on:


- httrack does function.

Httrack can't only not follow the links represented by numbers at the bottom:

I looked at the code of the page: i think the desired links are generated by
this simple java-code:

<script LANGUAGE="javascript">
function to_page(page){
var f =
		return false;		
	function to_sort(n){
		var f=window.document.page_form;
		return false;		

function ClearText(){

function ResetText(){

Is there a way to make httrack follow this java-script find all the pages.

Thanks a lot. Your help is very appreciated
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