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Subject: Bug with mirror
Author: Joao Luzio
Date: 08/12/2005 19:13
I was testing a mirror of a site that seems normal enough..
But, the result is not very good.

With 3.32 i get most of the images, css and js as external links even though
they are from the site.
With the last stable version, 3.33 it just hanged.. (didnt test it much
With the latest alpha it crashes.. (3.40 Alpha 5)

I didnt manage even to get httrack to consider the "external" links as
internal with filters with 3.32...

If u have a work around i would really appreciate it.
Anyhow, i though you would like to know it:p

Btw, the site i was mentioning is:

Best wishes and thanks in advance,
Joao Luzio

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