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Subject: 1kb images
Author: Den
Date: 08/15/2005 13:52
I've downloaded a webpage and everything seemed ok except that the images
aren't showing up. I checked the folder and it contained 1 kb images only. I
converted one of the images into a text file like what has been suggested and
it turned up like this....

<script language="JavaScript">

function SymError()
  return true;

window.onerror = SymError;

var SymRealWinOpen =;

function SymWinOpen(url, name, attributes)
  return (new Object());
} = SymWinOpen;


<script language="JavaScript">alert("404 - File Not
Found!n could not
found!"); top.location.href=;</script>>;
<script language="JavaScript">
var SymRealOnLoad;
var SymRealOnUnload;

function SymOnUnload()
{ = SymWinOpen;
  if(SymRealOnUnload != null)

function SymOnLoad()
  if(SymRealOnLoad != null)
     SymRealOnLoad(); = SymRealWinOpen;
  SymRealOnUnload = window.onunload;
  window.onunload = SymOnUnload;

SymRealOnLoad = window.onload;
window.onload = SymOnLoad;


This site is only a temporary mirror to another site which is about to be
closed. :( I checked the url and it seems to be ok. So if anyone out there can
help me out please share your knowledge. :) 



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08/15/2005 13:52
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