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Subject: Re: HTTrack and Msn groups
Author: Thankful User
Date: 08/18/2005 23:10
>>   Hi there!I have seen a post about this matter and the 
>> answer was that it was not yet implemented(1 year ago)

>Forums/boards/groups are extremly hard to handle, and it is 
>still difficult to fetch them using offline browsers like 
>httrack. So there isn't much new features concerning this 
>matter for now.

First of all, great program and thank you for releasing it under a Free
Software (Open Source) license.

A lot of content is being walled up behind forums/boards/groups, it seems the
internet is being partitioned off but that maybe just my skewed opinion.
Anyway, if you or someone could get the crawler into these places I'd be very

I'm looking at solutions to help out but C / C++ scares me, i'm glad for that
python library in the download section though since that is something I can
handle, and spiderzilla looks good too.

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