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Subject: Re: is it a bug? - yes (compressed data)
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/13/2001 22:08
>   I am trying the commandline httrack on Windows NT 
> 4.0. I want to get one file, my command line is:
httrack   <>
> ourses/382n/homeworks/branch.trace.small.gz' --get -
>   But no file is downloaded.  Could anybody try this 
> command and see what is wrong?
Bug found (and fixed) - the engine incorrectly handles 
the 'content-encoding:' response when zlib is not used 
(in commandline release on windows)
This will be fixed for the next release-

htslib.c, line 1068:

instead of

      if (retour->contentencoding[0])


      if (retour->contentencoding[0])

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