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Subject: Mysterious behaviour of Httrack
Author: GGA
Date: 08/31/2005 11:13
when mirroring a huge Intranet content (about 10GB), the result is strange in
two cases:
1. one top page has a pull down menu where you choose different target options
to jump to. Clicking one of them opens only the Windows explorer with the
content of the target directory, including the index.html. Clicking this one
IE comes up again with the right content. Other pull downs from the same top
page work fine.

2. I have another target directory named choosable from a pull down menu
The content of this directory exists on my lokal disk, but the HTTRACK-copy
points to
C:\my_websites\ci\\ci\osm3\index.html, missing the "OS"
before the "\OSM3".
So what went wrong and how can fix it?
Thanks in advance !


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Mysterious behaviour of Httrack

08/31/2005 11:13
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09/02/2005 19:04


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