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Subject: Re: Disallow spaces in filenames
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/02/2005 18:59
> Is there a simple way (even if it means messing with
> the source a bit) to get httrack to change spaces to
> underscores in the files it creates?
See library examples:

this one replaces all filenames by their ROT-13 equivalent

this one replaces all ".com" or ".exe" occurences by ".c0m" or ".ex3" (because
of an IIS bug)

You wil lhave to compile them, such as in:

-D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -shared -o callbacks-example-filename.c

or with Visual C++:

cl -LD -nologo -W3 -Zi -Zp4 -DWIN32 -Fe"callback.dll"

And then, call:

httrack --wrapper save-name=callback:mysavename ..
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