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Subject: Files won't update
Author: Mark
Date: 12/14/2001 22:28
I created batch files using HTTrack command line 
version, then use Scheduled Tasks prgram in Windows NT 
to fire them up in order to let them run on scheduled 
times, but it won't download the updated files from 
the source web site, then I added --cache=0, it seemed 
to be able to download not only the updated files but 
the whole web site, any ideas?  The syntax I used for 
the batch files is as follow:

"c:\httrack.exe" <http://www.[sourceweb].com> --
path="c:\Mirrors" --proxy=proxy:1008 --depth=2 --max-
rate=10000 --near --user-agent="HTTrack/3.0x" --
robots=0 --cache=0 --single-log -e -I0 -B +*.png 
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.css +*.js +*.pdf +*.doc -***

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Files won't update

12/14/2001 22:28
Re: Files won't update

12/15/2001 09:18


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