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Subject: * * Introducing ProxyTrack, httrack caching system
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 09/03/2005 14:37
ProxyTrack, an HTTP Cache system using archived websites copied by HTTrack, has
been released. It is a standalone project aimed to help web archivists to
easily build caches based on websites downloaded by httrack. It can also be
used by system administrators to create "simulated" online connections in
offline environments (without any Internet connection), for example using
Linux Kernel TCP transparent proxy features.

ProxyTrack Features include:
- HTTP 1.1 proxy, transparent proxy compatible
- ICPv2 requests, for squid-style cache architectures
- aggregation of multiple httrack caches
- standalone server, with minimal depencies (no link to httrack or
libhttrack), allowing to run it on very small systems (even 486-style servers
running Linux)

This release is still in early development stage, but is yet functionnal. Note
that ICPv2 and other advanced features are not yet ready!

Full description:
"ProxyTrack is a simple proxy server aimed to deliver content archived by
HTTrack sessions. It can aggregate multiple download caches, for direct use
(through any browser) or as an upstream cache slave server.

This proxy can handle HTTP/1.1 proxy connections, and is able to reply to
ICPv2 requests for an efficient integration within other cache servers, such
as Squid. It can also handle transparent HTTP requests to allow cached live
connections inside an offline network."


Don't hesitate to test this pre-alpha release, send feedback and suggestions!

Future developments will include:
- ICPv2 server
- internal decompressing cache to speedup requests
- adding/removal of caches while the proy is running

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* * Introducing ProxyTrack, httrack caching system

09/03/2005 14:37


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