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Subject: Username/Password for Source Integrity
Author: Kathy
Date: 09/09/2005 16:25
I am trying to capture a Wiki. The wiki contains pictures, screen shots, other
files that are pulled from MKS Source Integrity. Normally when I am on the
Wiki, I will have to login in to MKS if I click a link that contains a file
from MKS. I only log in once. I have spent about three hours trying all
different things and have not acheived success. 

I've tried:

1) <> with filter     

2) <>

2) <>
   <http://foo:bar@mks.myHost.private>  (no filter)

Can someone please let me knwo what the best wayt do to this is? I need to be
able to access those files (screen shots, .docs, etc. offline!) 


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Username/Password for Source Integrity

09/09/2005 16:25
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