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Subject: Re: Download problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/17/2001 19:24
> I am behind a firewall with a proxy server, but it 
> configured to go to the internet. Whenever I give a 
> address like : <>, it downloads 
> the related files, but when I use 
> <>, it says, it 
> reports with MIRROR ERROR, saying it didnot find the 
> first page, or there is a connection problem. In 
> contrast to this, I would like to mention that, when 
> use another offline browser, it downloads the 
> necessary files.

Hum, that's right : HTTrack is being filtered by this 
site, maybe because some users abused the bandwidth 
(or downloaded too many times the site)
If you change the brower id/switch off robots.txt, 
PLEASE setup reasonnable parameters (1 simultaneous 
connection AND bandwidth limit of 15KB/s, for example, 
to avoid any server overload!)
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