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Subject: Re: Can't build lib\example.c
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/14/2001 22:09
Right - the lib and example is broken since 3.00-A1
I will clean up the sourcecode for the final release

First copy the src/ directory in lib/

Then change the hts_htmlcheck_loop function in 
httracklib.c header to:

int   hts_htmlcheck_loop(lien_back* back,int 
back_max,int back_index,int lien_tot,int 
lien_ntot,LLint stat_bytes,LLint stat_bytes_recv,int 
stat_time,int stat_nsocket,LLint stat_written, int 
stat_updated, int stat_errors, int irate, int nbk ) {

Then, in src/, do a
And copy the Makefile from src/ to lib/ !!

make build_httracklib

should work

But I'll have a look at the problem asap!

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