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Subject: File has moved from - Form passwords
Author: BrazilianMaster
Date: 10/02/2005 02:06
I am a long time user of your great tool, and this is the first time I have a
problem downloading a site. The site in question is a password protected site
and the login site its a form one, which redirects to a php site once the pass
is entered. I've tried everything that you and other users  propose in those
cases in your helpful forum: (urlcatch, cookies, wildcards, filters) but
nothing worked. When I was next to give up, I found this program called
Surfoffline, which it built-in internal browser allows you to download form
password, and php sites. A good tool but it hasnt all the skills and stability
of httrack, and you have to pay to use it.

As far as I know the only reason which moves webmasters to set up form
protected sites is to avoid brute-force attacks, however if you have bought a
membership, you have all the right to download the contents you have paid

The reason I am writing this post is firstly to help those who are in the same
situation I was, and second and most important, to suggest to the developers
of httrack, to add  built-in internal browser which could allow to login in
form sites, to catch cookies and deal with them.

I think that if you implement this feature to httrack, you will make of
httrack the standart and reference tool that httrack has always been.

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File has moved from - Form passwords

10/02/2005 02:06


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