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Subject: understanding levels, limits and filters
Author: Terry Hamel
Date: 10/02/2005 23:16
After reading the help file, the online manuals, how-tos, and even doing a few
forum keyword searches, I setup WinHTTrack in what I *thought* was the
appropriate procedure to get the following:

- all of site
- any link from from site
- no links from external sites

More or less, its a news page with links to sources, so I wanted to include
the sources with the news.  However, I'm not sure I setup correctly because I
see "links scanned 6184/57131 (+120)".  What is (+120)?  To the 120th power?
Max mirroring depth: blank (get the whole site)
Max external depth: 1 (get 1 external link)

If this is not correct, someone please step in before I fill up my hard


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understanding levels, limits and filters

10/02/2005 23:16
Re: understanding levels, limits and filters

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