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Subject: ASP pages preventing PDF mirroring
Author: Kahabut
Date: 10/06/2005 22:35
OK, here's the basics.  I'm trying to grab the PDF images from this search, on
below link.  (image links are yellow icon) But when I run the capture, it
grabs the site but gets "bad request" instead of the actual PDF files.  Why? 

The site is using asp to do a database lookup and then fetch the images.  I
know that much, but I don't understand why if I click the links online by
hand, it works fine, but if I use HTT I get "bad request" pages instead.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'm certain I'm just missing some
simple setting.  

Site, with sample search of the imags I need.  In fact, this link will take
you straight to the search including every image (links to) I want.  

In case there is any question, these are public documents, and I was told by
the county auditor I could grab them from here if I could figure out how.

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ASP pages preventing PDF mirroring

10/06/2005 22:35


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