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Subject: ASP pages prevent mirroring?
Author: Kahabut
Date: 10/06/2005 22:48
I have a site I need to get alot of images from.  It uses links with .asp and
the image name pasted to the end to fetch the image.  So there is an
intermediate page between hiting the link and getting the image (pdf format).

I've tried all the settings I could think of, and no luck.  Instead of the PDF
file I want, I get a "bad request" error.  

I can get to the images if I go thru the page by hand, but not thru HTT.  

I'm sure there is a setting I'm missing somewhere that will do this.  Please

Link that follows is to search results, I need to capture all the PDFs linked
from these results. 

Also, I already added +*.pdf to the file filter.  I'm not a total nub.  

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ASP pages prevent mirroring?

10/06/2005 22:48


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