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Subject: Re: httrack-3.33.tar.g size in the FreeBSD ports tree?
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 10/13/2005 07:51
> I'd like to know if the correct size is 1432715 B
> and if it changed at some point at the past. Thanks
> you.

Yes ; actually:
3.33.16-1 is 1432715 bytes
3.33.16-2 is 1431407 bytes

The 3.33.16-2 flavour was released in emergency just after the debian
hard freeze (too late :p) to enforce stricter control over bandwidth
consumption (options could allow to easily setup unreasonnable download
settings without being notified)

Hence I did not increase the version number, only the subrelease number
(which is quite unusual and dirty, I admit - byt the 3.33.17 was already
released, and 3.33.16-2 was a backport of security features introduced in
3.39-xx series)

Here are the correct size and MD5 sums:

d8b8fef0180ec0c6251fb47515f13410  httrack_3.33.15.orig.tar.gz
cd21a49afb9630a49d042936ccff3c0b  httrack_3.33.16.orig.tar.gz
1431407 Feb  5  2005 httrack_3.33.15.orig.tar.gz
1432715 Jun  4 14:47 httrack_3.33.16.orig.tar.gz
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