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Subject: Just Grabbing Images
Author: Chris
Date: 10/13/2005 17:44
I have grabbed the images from PNGFactory, but I wanted someone to check my
WinHTTrack settings and see if they could be refined. The main index page is
at <>. Now, the images themselves are
stored in\images\PngFactory\png\. However, you seemingly can't
just grab the single \png folder (I get a directory listing denied message in
my browser when I go to this folder). Instead, it seems you have to parse the
.html or .php files first (the link to a single image is something like
<{filename> of png file

Now, my settings were:
starting url: <>
filters: -* +*.htm +*.html +*.asp +*.php +*.png*

This grabbed the images ok...but it also grabbed over 5000 html files
(basket{abcd}.html files, index{abcd}.html files and {mailer{abcd}.html
files). To get all these html files took absolutely ages, and rather than just
grabbing 1700 odd png files, WinHTTrack got up to over 10000 links parsed
before I stopped it (it had already downloaded the png's but was continuing to
parse links). So, my question is, could I just parse the html or php files (so
as to grab the images), without actually downloading them? I thought that if I
removed the +*.htm +*.html +*.asp +*.php from my filters, WinHTTrack would not
parse the index files and would thus not grab the images (which is all I


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