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Subject: A forum that needs authetication from a login form
Author: Simon SLapper
Date: 10/19/2005 17:00
Hi Guys,

Great Product!!! I really like it cause it is the only one that can download
from forums and other "dynamic" content providers. 

However one of the forums I would like to mirror requires a login to see all
the topic or to download the attachments. 
(not http authentication but a login form)

Is there a way to automatically fill in a login form or to somehow use an
existing cookie (from IE or firefox) to allow it to regognize my username?
I did see a previous post about logging in but it mentioned the URL format 


However I am pretty sure this is for http authentication and not a form

I know this type of thing is very hard to do generically, but I was thinking
about a LOGIN TEMPLATE. (or form filler template)

EG: phpBB, VBuilten and others all have standard forms for logging in and you
could make a template called the "phpBB login template" which knows how to
send the login details to phpBB, the users will then be able to choice from a
selection of standard templates, or make their own.

This could also be used to mirror things like a search result, since the
template is basically a "script" which automatically fills in web-forms and
either POSTs or GETs the results.

What do you think?

Simon the Slapper's Slapper


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A forum that needs authetication from a login form

10/19/2005 17:00
Re: A forum that needs authetication from a login form

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