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Subject: Re: Include directories
Author: HenryS
Date: 10/22/2005 19:08
Thank you,
I don't think scan rules could help. That's why.

The original site is dynamic - a PHPBB forum. HTTrack generates actually the
same page many times, depending on the way it reaches it. More limit - more
ways. And there could not be any complain about that. I do not see any more or
less simple way to prevent it now.

Here are numbers:
Original database (zipped) is 12 MB
Mirror with limit 3 is 45 MB
Mirror with limit 4 is 450 MB

Mirror 3 is pretty goog, but avatars, icons and other images (they are on
level 4) are not included. Magically, SOME avatars and all icons were capured
when I used an option to put all images in single folder. (No idea why. May be
that selected avatars are stored on original page in some internal cash,
reachable before level 3. But why are they not included when default setting

Is there a way to submit 2 runs, so the second run knew about the first one
results?If "yes" I could just to switch the main index page finally and hopely
get results.

Thank you in advance
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