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Subject: Files logged as being saved but not really
Author: Leto
Date: 10/28/2005 05:13
Version HTTrack3.40-beta-2+swf

Yikes... doing some checking on another project that I update weekly.  Was
browsing the mirror casually and found some local 404s.  I check the log and
even though it has reported these pages as being saved, the files do not exist
on my drive!  I've pasted three examples below.

The project is not too large:

complete in 4 hours 59 minutes 29 seconds : 5442 links scanned, 5421 files
written (43557105 bytes overall), 5384 files updated [49099129 bytes received
at 2732 bytes/sec]
(7 errors, 5 warnings, 5384 messages)

I thought since the total files is reported I would check the mirror's total
files which turned out to be 5451 (excluding HTTrack's files).

So that can't be right, since I do in fact have missing files that apparently
were saved!  Makes me wonder if they were saved with a different filename than
it thought... somehow.

10:25:33	Info: 	engine: transfer-status: link added:
-> //Static/Nav/SubHeading3687.html
 10:24:21	Info: 	engine: transfer-status: link added:
-> //Static/Nav/SubHeading6e42.html
 10:25:53	Info: 	engine: transfer-status: link added:
-> //Static/Nav/SubHeading8099.html

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Files logged as being saved but not really

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