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Subject: Does this JavaScript work with WinHTTrack?
Author: peterhuh
Date: 11/02/2005 06:25
first i would like to say,
this is the best mirroring proggy i have ever used!
It a million times better than the ones where we have to pay for it.

Now back to the little problem that most ppl have aready ask. There is this
webby with the following JavaScript within a <table>:

<a href="javascript:;"
src="albums/userpics/117620/normal_Tail_Tale_067.jpg" class="image" border="0"
alt="Click to view full size image" /><br /></a>

On the broswer, its a small picture thumbnail, when you click on it, a new
window pop-ups, displaying the full size image. So is this the JavaScript
problem or the PHP problem?

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Does this JavaScript work with WinHTTrack?

11/02/2005 06:25
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11/04/2005 21:49


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