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Subject: Can anyone help
Author: hyujin
Date: 11/03/2005 13:31
I'm trying to download from a company server,
but get lots and lots of errors, and because of that, HTTrack is very slow.

Some info in hts-log.txt:

( httrack.exe <http://tiger> -p1 -%A standard "-%lpt, fr, en, jp, *" -R0 )

11:25:39	Warning: 	File tiger/left.htm converted from UCS2 to 8-bit, 7
characters lost during conversion (better to use UTF-8)

11:25:42	Error: 	"Object Not Found" (404) at link tiger/Para%20Gest?o (from
( Note: The link should be to a folder "tiger/Para Gestão" or
"tiger/Para%20Gest%C3%A3o" )

11:25:50	Error: 	"Incorrect length (0 Bytes, 1738752 expected)" (-4) at link
tiger/Ap%20Ec%202002/resultados.xls (from tiger/Ap%20Ec%202002/)
( Note: Why HTTrack is trying to download this file, only want html or htm )

Tried with 3.40-BETA-2 but it was worse, it stoped on the first file, and the
file content is only lots of "?" characters.

Is there any way in windows to background HTTrack?

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Can anyone help

11/03/2005 13:31


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