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Subject: Not Removing 404 Images on Update Download
Author: Chris
Date: 11/04/2005 07:15
Hi everyone,

I have a lot of single game forum threads downloaded with WinHTTrack (just
game tweaking threads and the like). Now, these usually have a number of
screenshots in them (of menu options, the results of different settings),
which 99% of the time are linked from one of the free image hosters
(imageshack for example), and not from the forum itself (this is important to
my question).

Now, with these threads I have saved in WinHTTrack, I will from time to time
just go through and run an update on them, to pick up any new posts etc. The
problem I see with this is that it is possible for you to save a thread just
after it has been created (when all the image links would probably be
working), but if you go back in a month or two later to update it, there is a
chance that some of the links could be 404's. With the way that WinHTTrack
normally works, any image that you had previously saved (from a working link),
would be overwritten with a small .html file if that link became a 404.

So, my question is: is there a way to get WinHTTrack to detect a 404 link and
to say to itself 'hm, there is already an image stored on the hard drive for
this link, if I overwrite it with the 404, the image won't be included in the
thread, so I should just ignore this 404 and keep the old image)? That is,
some sort of setting to tell WinHTTrack if there is currently an image file
(say 200Kb) saved in a thread, then it should not overwrite that image with a
2Kb 404 .html page when it next updates.


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