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Subject: How to properly handle .tar.bz2 files?
Author: Mozg
Date: 11/09/2005 17:29

First of all, let me thank all developers and contributors of such a wonderful
software. Keep up the great job guys!

I've used the httrack software to generate a statical web content from a
dynamic CMS. Everything seems to work like a charm, however, i've had an issue
with tar.bz2 files as well as some files that don't have an extension.

The tar.bz2 files by default are renamed to tar.html. I've tried to change the
mime type to various tar-related types, but even though some of the types
actually leave the extension as .tar.bz2, they corrupt the archive file, which
can't be extracted. Does anyone know of the solution to the tar.bz2 files; how
can I rectify this issue?
The second issue I am having with a plain text files that don't have an
extension. For instance i have a few README and CHANGELOG txt files, which are
then renamed to README.html and obviously the line breaks are messed up, so
i'll end up having all the file content as one line. Does anyone know how to
force httrack to force all files without extension to be treated as text
Many thanks for any help and suggestions


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How to properly handle .tar.bz2 files?

11/09/2005 17:29


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