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Subject: Burning a dvd of a mirrored site
Author: gary
Date: 11/12/2005 22:32
This program amazes me...I've only used it once so far, but I used it to
capture the Department of Labor website (HUGE!).  It's incredible, I've found
no bad links in the mirror of the original site.  I will be showing my
appreciation with a modest contribution to the author.
I've seen reviews that said the interface was intimidating.  Even though I
didn't understand everything, I just clicked through and it worked
(apparently, so far) flawlessly.
Now for my question.  I've had the ability to burn DVD's for a while, but
never have.  I need to get the copied website to my non-profit office because
I've no internet connection there.  Before I burn a bunch of double layer
coasters, I'd like to see if someone might be willing to give me a step by
step on burning a DVD that I could pop into the office computer and access the
website offline.  I've no idea how to burn the image so as to maintain the
integrity of all the links, or even once I have it burned to disk, how to
access the DVD from the computer in the office.  Any help offered will be help
very gratefully accepted.  Thanks, Gary

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Burning a dvd of a mirrored site

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