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Subject: url macros or something similar possible?
Author: Peter
Date: 11/14/2005 15:04
I have some problems with HHTrack not finding certain items in complicated
js-files.The problems are as follows:

HTTrack won't download certain images with names calculated in js. The
filenames are simple like image1.gif ... image 100.gif. 
Is there a way to automatically get all those files with a macro or do I have
to enter 100 urls to download?
somewhat related problem:
printable versions with a filename similar to the original file but
&print=true appended in a complicated js so HHTrack won't find it

Is it possible to add a string like &print=true to all
<whatever>.php?<options>-requests so HHTrack tries to download the printable
version instead of (or even better in addition to) the normal page?

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url macros or something similar possible?

11/14/2005 15:04


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