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Subject: Images/PDFs saved as .html (already done MIME type
Author: Rob Cole
Date: 11/15/2005 13:31
Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to help. I'm using version 3.32-2 running on JDK

I've done a search and there are several posts that seem to answer my
question, but when I try it, it doesn work.

The problem is that images (GIFs and PNGs) and PDFs that are served by a
servlet (so no filename extension) are saved as HTML files. I've removed all
of the MIME type mappings so I have no entries in either the "File types" or
"MIME indetity" colunmn, as per the solution in other posts but with no luck.

So no I kind of stuck. I've tried deleting the folder in the "My Web Sites"
folder and recreated the configuration but with no luck.

So, I'm out of ideas, over to you experts! Please help as we need to get
something for our users for tomorrow or they're going to go off and buy
something random from the web...



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Images/PDFs saved as .html (already done MIME type

11/15/2005 13:31


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